Presentation of Pictomato

Pictomato offers Internet users the opportunity to create "pictomatoes" on line in their own wild, crazy, or even mystical image.A virtual gallery of a thousand and one faces helps make each avatar truly unique.In addition to its creative aspects and numerous options, Pictomato offers users access to its Community.Pictomato is also a place to meet people and launch discussions thanks to the site's gallery and "Discover our members" page, which puts all of our creative users in contact with each other.

How Pictomato works.

How do I create a Pictomato ?
The Pictomato site is a creative platform that is accessible to anyone. In order to use it, all you need to do is log-in after creating a user account.

The Pictomato website

My Pictomato account

How do I create a Pictomato account ?
Go to the registration page : http://www.pictomato.com/account?create and fill out the required fields. Once you have filled out the form, you will be signed-in automatically.
What do I do if I forget my password ?
All you need to do is go to the sign-in page, click on "Forgot password ?" and enter your login.
An email will be sent to you with a new password – you can change this new password to the password of your choice once you log on to the site.
Will I receive spam mail by registering on Pictomato ?
No – your e-mail address will never be given to outsiders.

Les créations

Comment créer un Pictomato ?
Pour enregistrer une création, vous devez avoir un compte sur Pictomato.
Cheat codes / Hidden functions
In the Pictomato creation tools, there are 3 hidden functions that become accessible with just a few simple keystrokes :

The "1" key of the numeric keypad allows a random selection of different shapes.
The "2" key of the numeric keypad allows a random selection of colors.
The "3" key of the numeric keypad allows a random selection of shapes and colors.

How do I download a Pictomato ?

Telephone compatibilities
Color screen and WAP access.
Procedure for downloading

1) Choose a Pictomato from the gallery.
2) Send the Pictomato code to the number indicated on the page [you can also use the QR Code (a)].
3) In exchange for sending this code, you will receive an SMS (b) containing the necessary link to the page for downloading your Pictomato.
4) You can download your Pictomato up to 3 times in the following 30 minute period.
Each download costs €1.50 (tax is included). The download price does not include the price of sending an SMS or of connecting to WAP (rates vary according to which service provider you use).
To take advantage of downloadable logos, your telephone must be configured for WAP.
Each download of one of your creations by another user gives you credits (about 10 Pics for each Pictomato downloaded).


The appearance taken by an Internet user in a virtual world (e.g. the image an Internet user utilizes in forums or for chats; a 3-D object in a virtual world). This image can represent something or someone other than the user him- or herself.
You can rank different creations (1 vote per creation) by giving them varying numbers of stars (0 – 5 stars).
From the Pictomato page, you can add any of the creations you like to your list of Favorites. Other users can see your favorites on your page if you so desire.
RSS feed
The RSS standard represents a simple way to remain informed of new content on a Web site without having to consult the site.
Any individual or company who has an account and accesses the site's services
(a) QR Code
a.k.a. Quick Response Code - a two-dimensional bar code. It allows information to be stored.
To decipher the bar code, you can download Kaywa Reader software.
(b) SMS
a.k.a. Short Message Service - allows for the transmission of short text messages by portable telephone.
These constitute a search method that associates areas of interest. You can subscribe to a tag to see new creations that have this tag once the creations are added to the site.
a.k.a. Wireless Application Protocol - a communication protocol that allows users to access the Internet from a mobile terminal, such as a cell phone or PDA (Personal Digital Assistant).

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